Travel Forms

Updated October 2016

Business Trip Application

Trip Application (Domestic/Overseas) (Excel)

 Updated October 2016

Travel Expense Payment Request

Travel Expense Payment Request Form (Excel)

 Updated January 2017

Healthcare when Traveling Overseas

GTFs are health insured and this coverage applies for treatment that is received when overseas. In Japan, our health insurance covers 70% of medical fees as outlined in the web link below; we are responsible for 30%. However, when abroad, our health insurance provider does not guarantee the 70% coverage on each claim; therefore, it is recommended that travel health insurance be purchased separately, in case of serious illness or sudden emergency. To receive a reimbursement (note: full 70% coverage is not guaranteed) for medical and dental treatment from an overseas physician or dentist, please have the attending physician or dentist complete the following documents and then submit the documents to the Director of the GTI upon returning to Japan.

*Please be sure to read the insurance policy details of what can be covered when abroad with TIU’s health coverage plan at:

Apartment Utility Payment