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GTI focuses on providing our students with the best possible English as a foreign language education – aiming to be the best in Japan (and then we’ll take on the world!).

As teachers we realize that measuring how we’re doing is difficult; on Monday, we come to class lethargic after marking assignments, but Tomo comes to class smiling, motivated and with homework in hand, on Tuesday, Tomo is sleepy and without a textbook, on Wednesday, we planned more than usual so that we’d have a great lesson, but a teachable moment came up and magic happened, Thursday, a long Plaza day….Do this every day, multiply by 150 days (that’s how many teaching days we have a year in GTI).

We believe that learning English means to gain or acquire skill and knowledge of the language, both passive and active, through study, experience, or being taught. Any test cannot completely measure one’s skill or knowledge, and that is why we don’t focus solely on the TOEIC. We believe that learning a language means being able to be able to communicate and convey one’s ideas and thoughts as well as receive and understand others’ ideas and concepts. We are all professional, trained, competent educators and that is why we entrust the task of day-to-day instruction to you.

We have the responsibility and honor to teach and what gets learned is sometimes out of our control – that is part of the art and science of our profession, isn’t it?

Well, our administrators, the folks that write our checks (and take care of the financial health of TIU so that there’s money to pay us), believe that the bottom line is important; and, for them, regarding students’ proficiency, and (rightly or wrongly), how we’re doing as educators, the bottom line means a score. Administrators at TIU believe in the TOEIC so much for our students that they subsidize the test and so students take the test for free (regular price for students at university: 4, 200 yen).

Now, we did not become teachers to appease administrators. We are educators because we want to help our students! In Japan, for better or worse, the score that means the most as a measure of English proficiency is the TOEIC score. For our students and their families, high TOEIC scores (at least 700 required to get a job speaking English) assist them get jobs that they entered TIU dreaming to get.

Therefore, in order to help our administrators gauge how we and our students are doing, but more importantly, to help our students and their families have a better future, we give the TOEIC test.

Update May 2016

TOEIC Schedule

  • Spring semester: July 13th, 2016
    • Compulsory: Sophomore EC
    • Elective Students*
  • Fall Semester: December 7th, 2016
    • Compulsory: Freshmen and Sophomore EC and ASP participant
    • Elective Students*

*Elective Students:

  • All SLC sophomores can take the test for free
  • Other SLC students (freshmen, juniors, and seniors) with a previous score above 500 can take the test for free
  • Other SLC students (again, freshmen, juniors, and seniors) with a previous score BELOW 500 (or freshmen with no score on file) will have to pay to take the test
  • BE/IR and CLC students, regardless of previous scores, will have to pay to take the test. This is a change from last year.
  • Students other than SLC sophomores need to go to TIU Services between May 30 and June 24 to register for the test if they want to take it.

TOEIC Practice Tests

For sophomores: provide one practice test each month.

For freshmen: provide one practice test each month in fall semester.

For freshmen, the CB instructor is responsible for giving the TOEIC practice tests; for sophomore, the CC instructor is responsible. You may coordinate and work in tandem with your pair teacher as the practice tests are 2 hours in length and class time does not provide enough time to complete a full test in one sitting.