TIU Credit System

 Updated October 2016


Most of the students GTFs teach belong to the School of Language Communication (SLC). Within this school, there is one department: English Communication (EC). For EC majors, there are three tracks: Language and Culture, English Education, and English for Business.

In order to graduate, students must obtain 124 credits. There are five categories students must fulfil in order to graduate (see table below). The recommended course load that students take each semester is 12. This means that in some cases students are in class 20 or more hours a week as all TIU courses are 90-minutes in length (except for some GTI-taught courses).

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The following table is a sample of the variety of courses students can take. The number of credits offered depends on the number of hours per course. Two-credit courses generally meet for 180 minutes per week, while one-credit courses meet 90 minutes.

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Updated October 2016


Seminars are an elective course except for 1st year students. Each seminar is worth four credits and is a year-long course.