Student Attendance

Attendance Policy

GTI Student Attendance Policy
– Japanese version –

The attendance policy for all GTF taught classes is as follows:

Excused absences: If students are sick or cannot make it to class because of a train delay (as in cases noted below), and they email you before class, it will be excused. However, two excused absences equals one unexcused absence. Students may be required to submit the following form when they miss a class:

Unexcused absence. If students do not notify the instructor before the beginning of class that they will be absent, it will be unexcused.

Train delays: In the case of major train delays, train passes will be allowed; however, when individual students give the instructor a train delay pass, it will not be allowed. An example of passes being allowed would be: typhoon/bad weather, major train accidents, etc. When many students are absent from class it will be apparent that this was caused by train delays. In this case, KG will notify GTFs via email.


1 second to 4:59 after bell = late

5:00 and after = absent

This policy will exclude when students move between buildings during the transit times of 10:10 and 11:15.

M/W/F (3 60-min) = 42 total classes = students who have more than 7 unexcused absences will have their final grade lowered by 5% for each subsequent absence.


8 absences = -5%

9 absences = additional -5%

10 absences = additional -5%


T/Th (2 90-min) = 28 total classes = students who miss more than 5 unexcused absences will have their

final grade lowered by 7% for each subsequent absence.


6 absences = -7%

7 absences = additional -7%

8 absences = additional -7%


(1 90-min) = 14 total classes = students who have more than 2 unexcused absences will have their final grade lowered by 10% for each subsequent absence.


3 absences = -10%

4 absences = additional -10%

5 absences = additional -10%


*In extreme cases, such as, but not limited to, serious illness requiring intensive medical care, GTFs, using professional discretion, may make exceptions and give assignments to individual students.

updated April 2017

Freshmen Student Attendance Concerns

When freshman students have been absent for 5 unexcused absences (60-minute classes 3 times per week classes) or 3 unexcused absences (90-minute classes 2 times per week classes) in compulsory classes, please contact George or Kevin.

Please outline the name of the student, the student number, the course title, the section number, day(s) of the week and the number of absences the student has.

George or Kevin will contact the student’s seminar instructor.

Recording Attendance

If you are not using the attendance code system for maintaining student attendance, you will need to maintain student attendance manually, via POTI:

  1. Sign in to your POTI account: POTI Log In
  2. Find and click this tab: 出欠管理
  3. Click on the class for the attendance you wish to record
  4. Click on 1回、2回、3回… for the date of attendance
  5. For each student, click the appropriate circle to mark their attendance:
    • 出席=Present
    • 欠席=Absent
    • 早退=Left Early
    • 遅刻=Tardy
    • 公欠=Excused
    • 未設定=Undetermined