Promotion Work

Updated March 2016

Open Campus (OC) 

As stated in Article 6 2. (3) and (4) of the GTF Employment Contract attendance at Open Campus is required.  The schedule for Open Campus will be provided by the Associate Director (AD) of GTI to GTFs prior to the commencement of each academic year.

The schedule is made on a rotation basis and made in conjunction with TIU’s Admissions Office.

You may switch days; however, you must negotiate with a colleague, and then notify the AD. Any questions or concerns regarding the OC schedule, duties or matters shall be directed to George.

While classes are in session there is no payment for participation; however, in the month of August a remuneration of 3,000 yen per OC will be paid.

Updated April 2017

2017 Open Campus Schedule

Open Campus 2017 Updated


Updated May 2016


  1. GTI faculty lessons will be 25 minutes in an LC classroom. They will immediately follow the department introduction meeting, which will be held in LC 1 and 2.
  2. Individual students will be notified of which class they will attend before the department information meeting.
  3. The lesson plans are up to the teacher (see the TIU GTI shared resource page for past lessons).
  4. Before and after the lessons, there will be 15-minute conversation sessions scheduled on the first floor of the English PLAZA (sofa area).

Updated November 2016

High School Visits

At some point throughout the year, the Publicity and Promotions Section at TIU receives requests from high schools for a GTF to give sample lessons. These lessons are for career days and are designed to give high school students a flavor of what studying in English at university would be like. At the career days faculty from various universities and various research disciplines give lessons. The lessons a GTF would be responsible for would be approximately 50 minutes in length. Once the Associate Director or Director receives the request from the Publicity and Promotions Section, the GTI teaching schedule will be checked and a GTF without teaching duties at that time will be asked to participate.

Ideally we would like to have a rotation system, and that will be the base of selection; however, due to scheduling conflicts and language limitations (at times the high schools require Japanese language proficiency) certain GTFs may be chosen outside of the normal rotation. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

GTFs will be remunerated for transportation and will receive 3,000 yen for the lesson. The GTF who goes to the high school will be relieved of English Plaza duties for high school visits, if the visits occur during the GTF’s regularly scheduled Plaza times.

High School Visit Privilege

Any GTF who makes a high school visit on behalf of GTI/TIU will have the following privilege as compensation for the time involved in preparing for the lesson and travel time:

Any one week the GTF may work less than the contract-stipulated 7 hours each day.

This means that for one week that the GTF selects, he/she may come and leave campus at any time, provided that the GTF fulfills all teaching responsibilities, Plaza hours and attends all required meetings.

The GTF must inform the Associate Director which week he/she has selected.