Funding System

Updated October 2016

  1. Purpose
    • Each GTF (Global Teaching Fellows) has the privilege of applying for Personal Research Funds to be used for the purpose of assisting the individual to further his/her professional expertise.
  2. Approved funds can be used for;
    • Research activities (e.g. hiring research assistants, honorarium for guest speakers, etc.)
    • Materials that contribute toward professional development of GTF (e.g. books, audio/video recorders, etc.)
    • Attending meetings of professional organizations
    • Publicizing research findings or other professional writing (e.g. presentation at conference, poster session at conference, etc.)
  3. Request & Approval
    • Each GTF shall submit “Personal Research Fund Use Application form” to the Director of GTl or Associate Director in charge of research funding matters for review and consent at the beginning of each academic year.
    • The Director of GTI shall submit those requests forms to Academic Subsidies Office by May 31st each year. For those hired in September, submit requests by October 31st.
    • Notice of approval will be given to each GTF through the Director or Associate Director in charge of research funding matters of GTI by Academic Subsidies Office.
  4. Reimbursement claim
    • Presentation of valid receipts to Academic Subsidies Office is mandatory.
    • Closing date of reimbursement request is January 15th each year.
  5. Owner of the property
    • Items purchased by Personal Research Funds are the property of TIU.
    • Items purchased at 50,000 yen or more, or PCs and Tablet PCs of any price range, except for books, must be returned to TIU when a GTF resigns.
    • GTF must limit the use of the Funds solely to their direct research activities at TIU.
  6. Fund limit
    • 50,000 yen per academic year, e.g. April 1st through March 31st.
    • For a contract less than a year, a pro-rated limit amount is allocated.
  7. Research Progress/Result Report
    • Research Progress/Result Report shall be submitted to Academic Subsidies Office through the Directors of GTl by April 1st in the following year, or upon retirement.

  • Group Professional Development Funds
    • For those expenses which benefit GTI as a whole, “Group Professional Development Funds” can be applied for.
    • The Director of GTI must approve the request, verifying validity of the purpose.