Forms Overview

Table of Forms

Personal Research Fund Use Application

This form is due by May 31st each year. If you were hired in September, yours is due by October 31st.

Group Professional Development Funds Application

This form is due by May 31st each year. If you were hired in September, yours is due by October 31st. Dependent upon fund availability the due date may be extended. Please ask the Director for details past the original due date.

Receipt Form

After you make a purchase with your Personal or the Group Funds, please submit this form. With this form, please include:

a. All receipts. If purchased from Amazon, please include the final receipt after the goods have been delivered.

b. All credit card information related to the purchase if an official receipt is not available. (Prior to making the purchases, please ask the seller for an official receipt.)

DO NOT convert purchases from foreign currency to yen on the form.

Please just write the amount in the foreign currency and the accounting staff at TIU will convert the amount to yen using that day’s exchange rate and reimburse you that yen amount.


1. You will be reimbursed on the 15th or last day business day of the month. The amount will be separate from your monthly pay on the 25th. Please allow for approximately 6-8 weeks for reimbursement. The exception will be for purchases made during April and May. For purchases made during these months, please allow more time as the budget applications are not officially reviewed until after the May 31st funds application deadline.

2. The deadline for making purchases with the Personal and Group Funds is January 15th. Please submit all receipts by January 15th.

Purchasing Books for Research at UNI Shop

If you would like to purchase books without paying cash or by credit card, you may purchase them through the UNI Shop at TIU (next to Sunkus). The purchases will be directly debited from your Personal Research Fund.

Application for Ethical Judgment

If you are planning on conducting research (eg. surveys, questionnaires, etc.) with TIU students or staff, you must complete this application form.

Research Progress and Result Report

At the end of each academic year this report is due. It is due on April 1st for those recontracting and March 31st for those who are terminating their contracts.

Extension Request for Research Fund Expenditure

If for some extenuating circumstances, purchases could not be completed by January 15th, this request form must be completed and submitted to the Director.

*Note: This request form will be subject to review and may not be permitted as the deadline for purchases has expired.

Application for Renewal/Non-Renewal of GTF Contract

For GTFs whose contract is expiring, this application form must be submitted.

Usage Reason Form

Use this form when applying for purchases totaling more than 100,000 yen.