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American Culture Tour

ACT (“Study tour”)

Since 2013 GTFs and the Director and Associate Director have taken the role of chaperone for freshmen SLC English majors to Salem, Oregon and the campus of Willamette University, TIU’s sister university. Starting in 2015, sophomore SLC CLC major students will go to Taiwan for a similar tour; however, GTFs will not be chaperones for this tour.

When GTFs serve as chaperones to Oregon, classes for those GTFs must be covered by those that remain at TIU.   A schedule for this covering of classes will be provided to GTFs remaining by the Director or Associate Director at a GTF meeting prior to departure.

It is the responsibility of the GTF going to Oregon to provide the GTF covering his/her classes with complete and detailed background to the class, lesson plans, homework assignments and instructions for the week.

Essentially the GTF covering the class will serve as a substitute teacher.

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