Updated October 2016

Students use our GTI Website to make reservations for Plaza events, especially English Lounge, Academic Advising, and Workshops. Our GTI Website directs them to Eventbrite, the system and software that manages our attendance.

You will be invited to join the TIUGTI Eventbrite account. You should receive an email with a link that will allow you to make a password. Use this email and password for all interactions with Eventbrite (the website and app, etc).


Eventbrite Organizer App


Available for Android phones and iPhones, this app is the easiest and fastest way to check in students to plaza events. Follow these steps: 1) sign in with your email and password, 2) search for your event (use your name), 3) choose the event for the current date, 4) tap the Check In button, 5) place your finger on the student’s reservation and swipe right.

To record a walk-up student’s information, please follow steps 1 to 3 above, and then tap the Sell button. After this, tap the + button, then tap the Register button, and then record the student’s details, or hand your device to the student and let him/her record the details. To complete the registration, tap the Continue button and the following confirmation button.

How to use Eventbrite:

Checking In Students on a Laptop:

How to Check Student Attendance: