English Lounge

Updated October 2016

English Lounge (EL)

English Lounge sessions are 15 minutes in length. Students make reservations on the GTI Website or simply ask to join (a walk-up) when a GTF is not busy (or has a session that is not full). If a student is a walk-up, please record their attendance and information by clicking the Sell button in the Eventbrite Organizer app or using the Add Attendees option within the Eventbrite website.

Beginning from the 2016 academic year, a new program called “Peer English Program” (PEP) will start. This is a Student Leadership Internship lead conversation program. Students will be able to sign-up on the GTI website with a peer conversation partner.

Updated October 2016


  • All students taking Communication Basic (this includes BE/IR students) and English Production are required to attend 11 sessions in Spring and 10 sessions in Fall. Students must go once a week (see below for required weeks).
  • Advanced Speaking/Listening courses are not required, but left to instructor’s discretion.
  • Students can sign-up for a maximum of two consecutive EL time slots per day with one teacher. Students can sign up with multiple teachers in one day.
  • EL credit will be given to students for both GTF and PEP participation.


Required Weeks for EL Participation

The following weeks are designated as MUST visit EL days. Of course students can visit the EL outside of these weeks; however, the following weeks have been designated as MUST attend, because they are the only full weeks (5 consecutive days) during the semester. It will no longer be acceptable for students to wait until the end of the semester to attend the EL.

  • Week 1: 9/26-9/30  –  Week 2: 10/3-10/7
  • Week 3: 10/10-10/14  –  Week 4: 10/17-10/21
  • Week 5: 10/24-10/28  –  Week 6: 11/28-12/2
  • Week 7: 12/5-12/9  –  Week 8: 12/12-12/16
  • Week 9: 12/19-12/23  –  Week 10: 1/16-1/20


For CB and EP Instructors

EL is worth 11 percent of the final grade in Spring (10 percent in Fall because there are only ten full weeks); each visit is worth one point. Students who attend 11 EL sessions during the designated weeks will receive full credit. Students who attend 6 EL sessions will receive 6 out of 11 percent, and so on.  Students who cannot attend the designated weeks due to excused absences can be allowed make-up days at the instructor’s discretion. The reason for this new system is to promote regular EL participation.


Switching Times

If you need to switch one of your scheduled EL or AA sessions, it is your responsibility to negotiate a switch with another GTF, and to notify the Technology Committee and KG. All changes must be made at least three days prior to the day you want to change.

English Lounge Reservations:

Here is the web page for reservations:


Here is the procedure for making reservations at the GTI website: