Departure Checklist


Please inform your landlord at least one or two months in advance of leaving. You have paid shikikin (deposit) when you made the contract, and you may or may not get shikikin back. You may have to pay additional fees depending on the condition of the apartment. Each rental agreement can be different. Please confirm this with your landlord.


Please contact each utility company at least two weeks in advance of leaving and give them your address. Refer to your meter reading slip or receipt which shows your customer number(􀀃􀀎􀀒􀀕􀀈/ Okyakusamabango ). You have to organize a final meter reading so that you can pay the final bill on the last day of your stay in your apartment. You need to be home when the company checks the meter.


The majority of Saitama Prefecture is serviced by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Please call TEPCO about paying the final bill.

Waterworks Bureau

Please call the Waterworks Bureau. The slip or receipt shows your waterworks bureau with its phone number. Please make arrangements for paying the final bill.


Gas companies vary from region to region, the slip or receipt shows your gas company and you can find its phone number. Please pay your final bill to your gas company.

Apartment Furnishings

Please clean your apartment and make sure to pick up all your personal belongings from the apartment before you leave. Please leave the apartment in the condition as it was when you entered.

Address (Moving out notification)

You must submit a notification of your address change when leaving Japan. Please go to City Office where you registered your address with your residence card from two weeks prior to your departure.

Disposal of items

You can sell or give away your items. However, large items like televisions, refrigerators and washing machines are not collected as garbage. If you cannot bring those items to a secondhand shop, you have to pay a recycling fee and transportation fee. The other option is Kawagoe City Office can pick up your bulk trash. The pick-up fee will be from 500 yen to 2000 yen. (TVs, airconditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and drying machines are not available for pick up. The items that can be disposed of are limited. Please confirm with your city office.) If you want to use City Office collection, please make a reservation a collection day by phone. You choose collection time in the morning (8:30-11:30) or the afternoon (12:45-16:00). Please ask them where you can put your items because you have to be with your garbage on collection day and pay the fee in cash.

Cell Phone

If you have a cell phone, make an arrangement with your provider to have your cell phone connection cancelled. A cell phone contract in Japan automatically is renewed when the second year approaches.

Attention: Canceling the contract outside of the contract renewal period (the billing month following the contract expiration) incurs a cancellation fee approximately 10,000. Please confirm the renewal period with your carrier.

Please bring the following items when you go to the shop.

1. the phone itself

2. residence card

3. your personal seal (hanko)

However, please note that the cancellation procedure depends on the provider. The day you apply to cancel will be the last day you can use the cell phone. It may be possible to cancel your phone at the airport. However, please be sure to check with your provider whether this procedure is possible or not beforehand. You can pay the final bill at your shop because they will calculate the final bill.

NTT Docomo:

Information Center: services available in English, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish and Korean.

Hours: 9:00-20:00

Telephone number: 0120-005-250

Refer to the following link for details on cancelling your contract:


SoftBank Customer Center: provides general information (only within Japan)

Hours: 9:00-20:00

From SoftBank handset: 157 (toll-free) – press “8” for English support.

From landline phone: 0800-919-0157 (toll-free) – press “8” for English support.


Customer Support inquiries:

Hours: 9:00-20:00

From AU phones Dial 157 [1] (Toll Free)

From landlines 0077-7-111 [2] (Toll Free)

Pressing “zero” will connect you to an operator. You will be connected to the Customer Center serving the area where your call originated. Follow the Voice Guidance and press the appropriate numbers. You can choose to be connected to an operator for handling. Outside of normal business hours, only the interactive voice response system is available for assistance.


As well as your cell phone contract, make an arrangement with your provider and communication company about how and when to cancel the service and pay your final bill. There may be a cancellation fee. If you have cable Internet connection, someone might have to visit to your apartment to physically disconnect and remove the cable connection. Please check your final bill with them.

Email address

Please note that your TIU email address will be deleted on June 30 automatically.

Sending your belongings home

Make shipment arrangements to your home country. Often supermarkets have boxes that they can provide.

List of shipping companies.

International Shipping

1. Japan Post Office

Yu-pack for airport

International Parcel Post for overseas


3. SAGAWA transport communication