Course Information

Updated September 2016

Freshmen Compulsory Courses

Communication Basic I/II (CB)

In CB, the aims of this course are for students to develop confidence and skills in basic social interactions, such as conversations, asking for information and providing personal information. This course aims to develop basic listening skills to provide a better transition into English Production I/II and Advanced Listening A/B/C courses

English Comprehension I/II (EC)

EC, designed to further develop an overall ability to comprehend linguistic information on a wider variety of social and cultural topics as well as to encourage students to raise awareness and think critically of contemporary issues.

Basic Writing (BW)

In BW, the aim of this course is to provide students with a set of basic writing skills they can use to express their ideas and attitudes on a range of topics in a variety of situations.  The course also offers a process approach that emphasizes writing sentences and paragraphs.

Basic Speaking (BS)

In BS, the aim of this course is to provide students with support and practice to help them develop basic oral communication skills for everyday situations and the academic classroom setting.  Through this course, students will learn how to effectively work in pairs and groups. In this course every student will have the opportunity to speak and prepare for presentations in front of the class.

Updated September 2016

Sophomore Compulsory Courses

Communication Core I/II (CC)

This course is designed for students to practice how to deal with various situations they may encounter overseas. While studying abroad, students are likely to face some unexpected situations. Students are expected to acquire high speaking abilities in order to cope with such situations.

English Production I/II (EP)

English Production I/II is designed to help further develop an overall ability to produce linguistic message on a wider variety of social and cultural topics as well as to raise awareness and think more critically of contemporary issues.

Updated September 2016

Elective Courses

Introduction to American Society (IAS)

The purpose of IAS is to study American culture and society through analyses of traditional and contemporary American values, social institutions and means of expression based on specific course topics.

English Project Workshop (EPW)

To provide students with practical applications to improve their English language skills through video projects and creating stories with picture books and to gain confidence in speaking in front of an audience through individual and group projects.

Updated September 2016

E-Track Compulsory Courses

Academic Composition I (AC I)

The purpose of AC I is to help you hone your academic English writing skills through focused practice in writing methods and techniques, essay structure, and common language conventions.

Academic Composition II (AC II)

ACII is focused on the process of writing research papers for academic audiences. The course relies on peer review and editing in all steps of research, planning, and writing.

Analytical Reading and Thinking (ART)

ART focuses on the elements of reading and thinking critically and analytically.  The three steps or modes of analysis are exemplified in three types of reading and discussion: what a text says (restatement), what a text does (description/purpose) and what a text means (interpretation).

Public Speaking (PS)

PS prepares students to analyze and prepare three types of speeches— informative, persuasive, and commemorative—by following basic principles of speechmaking, and deliver these speeches with improved confidence and composure.

Updated September 2016

E-Track Elective Course

Information Technology Literacy (IT Lit)

Students of this course will learn fundamentals of personal computing and information security through the usage of a computer at the practical level. Students will focus on the operations of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software, acquire the basics of producing reports, creating graphs and charts, and basic presentation construction.

Updated May 2016

Advanced Course Descriptions

Advanced Reading and Writing  A 

This course is an extension of English Comprehension II. It focuses on strengthening general reading, vocabulary building and writing skills. Students will be exposed to various reading strategies such as scanning, skimming, rapid reading, intensive reading and extensive reading. Also, critical reading skills will be enhanced.

Advanced Reading and Writing B

This course focuses on building reading and writing fluency while studying a single academic topic. Students will utilize strategies such as identifying the main topic and scanning for supporting details. Students will also learn how to analyze written texts, and how to apply this knowledge in longer writing tasks.  Writing tasks will focus on writing essays or reports based on the reading from the textbook. This course is designed to be an advanced course that prepares students for a university content-based course taught in English.  Students are required to have a TOEIC score. Students with the highest TOEIC scores will be admitted to the class.

Advanced Reading and Writing  C

This course focuses on international English, and is designed to teach students key reading and writing skills for business situations. By the end of this course, students will be able to effectively communicate in a business type setting using email, and reading business reports.

Advanced Speaking and Listening A 

In this introductory course, an extension of freshmen compulsory courses, students have an opportunity to gain skill, confidence, and fluency in public speaking. Emphasis is placed on the principles of public speaking, including purpose, written development, pronunciation, vocabulary choice, delivery, and practice. Students develop an understanding of both basic communication principles and public speaking strategies through their application of these principles to a variety of speaking assignments.

Advanced Speaking and Listening B 

This is an advanced discussion-based course. The focus is on gaining confidence in using the language and discourse skills necessary to actively participate in small group discussions focused on academic topics. It will also focus on active listening skills such as note taking for academic purposes. In addition to class discussions, students will have the opportunity to present as individuals and groups. 

 Advanced Speaking and Listening C

This course focuses on international English, and is designed to teach students key listening and speaking skills for business situations. By the end of this course, students will be able to effectively communicate in a business type setting.