GTI Coordinator Roles

Updated March 2016

All GTFs will serve as coordinators for specialty committees, with each coordinator contributing 90 minutes of work (or more) per week for their team. These committees will hold weekly meetings for planning, organizing, and collaborating on their specified role; however, all GTFs can assist and participate in activities related to committees they are not members of.

The aim of coordinator roles is to improve, promote, and create programs within the GTI, and to provide support and guidance as we endeavor to improve the educational and environmental experience of all TIU students.

  • GTFs can preference their preferred coordinator role; however, the Directors will determine final positions.
  • At the beginning of each semester, a plan of action document must be submitted to your supervisor (Kevin, Joyce, or George). This document will include a schedule of events, activities, and ideas that the committee comes up with (see page 5).
  • Coordinators are required to meet with their committee once a week. Throughout the semester your supervisor will join in on meetings and provide support when specifically requested. 

Updated October 2016

Committees & Coordinators

International Education

  • Kodiak, LeeLee, Chris, Rachel
  • Supervisor → Kevin
  • Main Responsibilities:
    • Take the lead in planning and organizing CAP,
    • Plan and create a schedule of events for ACT (Study Tour), coordinate with ASP staff, and prepare a report/evaluation of the week at the completion of the tour,
    • Create programs and activities that promote international exchange, such as the Buddy Program and student presentations,
    • Actively promote and plan student presentations in the Plaza,
    • Assist with the promotion of study abroad programs on campus


Service Learning
& Student Leadership

  • Cassie, Eric, Karissa, Kevin, Tracy
  • Supervisor → George
  • Main Responsibilities:
    • Coordinate/collaborate with student organizations (WITH),
    • Plan, create and schedule workshops in the Plaza for students,
    • Provide support and organize events bi-monthly, at least, at different community service oriented organizations, and encourage students to take part in and plan activities.


Curriculum Needs
Analysis Coordinators

  • Joe, Jeffrey, Hannah, Skyler
  • Supervisor → Joyce & George
  • Main Responsibilities:
    • Take the lead in planning and creating a needs analysis assessment,
    • Create and implement a year-long needs analysis for students taught by GTFs,
    • Based on the results of the needs analysis, make recommendations for curriculum, syllabi, and textbooks, and
    • Support in the creation of textbook evaluations, and provide recommendations for future textbooks to be used.


Testing & Placement

  • Brandon I, Ian, Ramon
  • Supervisor → Kevin
  • Main Responsibilities:
    • Create section placement and student rosters based on placement scores,
    • Coordinate times with fellow GTFs on when to take TOEIC practice as a class,
    • Advertise and promote actual TOEIC testing in spring and fall semesters,
    • Plan and schedule practice TOEIC tests in the Plaza with fellow GTFs,
    • Create and maintain TOEIC materials, and
    • Prepare TOEIC Workshops/TOEIC resources in the English Plaza and online.


Environment Coordinators

  • Jonathan, Stephen
  • Supervisor → George
  • Main Responsibilites:
    • Provide information and support to new GTF members related to life outside of GTI,
    • Provide updates on events, and places of interests to the team (eg. restaurants, bars, weekend getaways, etc.),
    • Plan outings, holiday parties for GTFs,
    • Provide recommendations for improving the quality of workspace,
    • Create Advertising/Boards, and
    • Promote English use in the EP through signs/posters/etc.


Technology & Publicity

  • Colleen, Kate, Michelle, Rick
  • Supervisor → Kevin & George
  • Main Responsibilities:
    • Create and publish EP/GTI news, FB and Twitter accounts, announcements, posters related to EP and GTI,
    • Create informational brochures, and videos for prospective students and future GTFs,
    • Maintain and update the GTI website and Eventbrite for English Lounge, Academic Advising and Workshops,
    • Keep usage statistics by period for Advising & Lounge,
    • Update the front page of the TIU English Plaza website with any new events, photos and/or newsletter,
    • Add Plaza events to Google calendar, and
    • Upload any content/photos to stream on Apple TVs.


Professional Development

  • Keri-Ann, Sara, Vanessa
  • Supervisor → Joyce & Kevin
  • Main Responsibilities:
    • Provide recommendations on interesting articles on teaching techniques or research in related fields,
    • Plan and organize idea sharing opportunities at team meetings/appropriate venues,
    • Be responsible for organizing and updating the GTF resource library, and
    • Assist Joyce in collecting research application forms, travel forms, report on research and receipts for goods paid for group and personal Professional Development Research Funds.


Library Coordinators

  • Lorna, Brandon B
  • Supervisor → Kevin
  • Main Responsibilities:
    • Make the library user-friendly and appealing,
    • Create events, guide the promotion of extensive reading, guide the student staff when re-shelving books, create displays, promote books, promote and guide the use of the space,
    • Catalog and label all books,
    • Monitor late book returns, and
    • Collect and submit list of recommended books and other materials for purchase to the Director.


Classroom Resources

  • Ed, Michael, Ryan
  • Supervisor → Joyce & Kevin
  • Main Responsibilities:
    • Collect teaching materials from GTFs and organize them into Google Drive folders, or create a better method of categorization,
    • Organize the teaching materials in the GTI faculty office, and
    • Find, create, or alter practical resources, e.g., worksheets, student logs, videos/audio, peer review documents, activities, etc., that faculty can immediately use in the classroom.


English Plaza

  • Alexis, Daniel, Jessica G.
  • Supervisor → George
  • Main Responsibilities:
    • Train and implement the peer conversation program in the Plaza,
    • Organize and provide instructions for materials in academic advising,
    • Make recommendations for EL and AA participation requirements,
    • Provide recommendations for improving the academic experience in the Plaza, and Creating weekly and/or monthly activities and themes for English Plaza (especially for EL conversations)

Updated June 2016

2016 Committee Action Plans

2016 Committee Action Plans